Facebook Support Groups

Facebook Groups are used for support, discussion, news and to keep our discussions private, only members of a group can see discussions within each group.

For example, when you first go to the group, you will see no discussions, but once you join, you will see the discussions, but even then, you will not be able to see discussions in the other group until you join them.

There are two Groups, set-up, Administered & Supported by two of our members, Eoin O’Leary & Mary O’Brien.

1) The Main Facebook GROUP (below), is for everybody, Net Patients, Caregivers  & Family members.

2) The Net Patients Only Group, no Caregivers or Family members allowed.

The Main Facebook GROUP

All NET Patients, Caregivers & Family members can join this group. you need to REQUEST to join this group, but the NET Patient Network “Administrator” of the Group, must give permission for the person to be a member.

As with all our Facebook Groups, our Main Group is a Private group, so only Group members can view posts, not ordinary Facebook account holders.

To Join

If  you already have a Facebook account, please join the Main Group right now, from the link below.
Make sure you are signed-in to your Facebook account and when you get to the Group, just click, “Join”.

An “Administrator” of the Group will look at requests to join ASAP, but there may be a delay before you have access. You can expect to have access within 48 hours during a week day, maybe longer during the weekend.

If you do not have a Facebook account yet, all you need is your eMail address & think of a password for the account.

Here is the link to the Main Group, (opens in a new Internet Browser window).
Please Join Now!



After you have joined the Main group, if you are a NET Patient, please follow the link below for instruction on how to join.

Net Patients Only Group, no Caregivers or Family members allowed.

Thank you