Net Patient Booklets From Our Sponsors

Download the New IPSEN NET booklets

Below you will find Download links to the New NET Booklets from IPSEN, we would like to thank IPSEN for producing such valuable information for NET Patients.

They are in PDF format, so you will need a PDF Reader. You probably already have this, but if you find that you can’t open them, you can get the Reader free from this link.

  1. Learning about NETs – your support guide
  2. Your Guide to Living with NETs
  3. Tracker Journal for you
  4. Glossary of terms

NET Patient Booklet from Novartis

We are happy to release the new NET Patient Booklet, thanks to Novartis, who did all the hard work and allowing us to use it.

It is packed with information about NETs and well worth reading.

We have uploaded it here as a PDF file, which should open in most Internet browsers.

Here is link to the PDF file.

If not, you can view it using  Adobe Reader, which is free, you can download it from this link.

Thanks again to Novartis.