NET Patient Network Information Videos

NET Patient Network, a support group for Neuroendocrine cancer patients and their families, is delighted to announce a major information initiative.

Three new videos featuring experts in Nets care and patients with first-hand experience of living with the condition have now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel (links below).

The First video, presented by the National Lead for NETS care, Professor Dermot O’Toole, tells the story of the National Centre of Excellence at Saint Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin.
It includes interviews with some of the clinicians who are involved in the Multi-Disciplinary Team at Saint Vincent’s and it also features the stories of two patients who receive treatment at the hospital.

The second video, presented by the Chairperson of the NET Patient Network, Mark McDonnell, explains how the support group attempts to help patients and their families.
It includes a detailed account of the Annual Patient Day held each November and also outlines the positive links between the organisation, clinicians, the HSE, the pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders.

Cork-based NETs patient, Mary O’Brien and her husband, Eoin O’Leary, present a third video. It explains the range of services available to patients cared for by the Mercy University Hospital, Cork and includes interviews with Nets experts, surgeon Criostoir O Suilleabhain and oncologist, Derek Power.
It features interviews with two patients, one from Cork and one from Co Limerick. The video also explains the relationship between satellite centres in Cork and Galway and the National Centre of Excellence in Dublin.

Two more videos will be available on the website during the spring of 2019. One will explain how to access treatment abroad and a second will feature a selection of patients telling their personal stories.

The series of videos is produced by the President of the NET Patient Network, Tommie Gorman. It is made with the support of Novartis.

Here are the Links to the Videos

Video 1:
About NET Patient Network –

Video 2:
The National Centre of Excellence St Vincents –

Video 3:
Cork NET Services –