The NET Patient Network Goes Social

We are delighted to announce that the NET Patient Network is going Social.

While there are many different types of Social Media to choose from, we have decided that Facebook® offers the best mix of services to help our members.

 Two of our member, Eoin O’Leary & Mary O’Brien have build the Facebook Page to make it easier for you to keep informed and the have set up various Facebook Groups for discussion, that they Administer & support.
NET Patient Network members, Net Patients, Carers & Family members of Net Patients are welcome to join them.

We look forward to seeing you there and hope you will make use of the opportunity to receive support from & offer support to, Irish NET Patients, Caregivers of NET Patients & Families of NET Patients and NET Patient Network members.

To help you get set up, we have written instructions, you can start by clicking here.