Blood Test Booking in St Vincents

St Vincent’s NET Patients Only

We have managed to receive special permission from Phlebotomy Dept in SVUH to allow NET patients to prebook an appointment slot to have their bloods taken look at more info. This will be especially useful for patients travelling long distances to SVUH to allow them to better coordinate having scans along with giving blood samples in the same day. Many of us have experienced trying to do this and then finding huge queues for bloods causing us to abandon our blood test as we have to go for our scans.

This is a special concession for Neuroendocrine Tumour patients only and is only available for online bookings through the GP referral system. Pre-booking should be done through the SVUH website,, and click on BOOK GP BLOOD TESTS. You will have to enter some information the first time you use the system but it is very easy to use after that.

When you arrive in St Vincents, take a blue (GP) ticket (not the yellow out-patient one) and attend through the GP queue.

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